First Trimester Recap


Everyone has their own idea of when the Second Trimester starts.  There is stipulation whether it is 13 weeks or 14 weeks.  Even some books or applications I use say 15 weeks!  Well, my nursing books tell me that the Second Trimester begins at 13 weeks.  Therefore, I’m taking their word for it.  Above is a collection of the past 12 weeks of photos (obviously missing week 1-3) since I didn’t know I was pregnant.  I could put in there a nice photo of me having a jell-o shot up in Caseville, Michigan at the Cheeseburger Festival (when I had no idea BS was making his/her home), but I won’t do that.  It doesn’t seem quite right does it?

Most Exciting Moment…

A positive pregnancy test was by far the most exciting (obviously).  But then again, I think the adrenalin rush came when I heard the heartbeat and it really made it real.  More than the positive test, more than the first ultrasound, this is when pregnancy really became real to me and to us.  The second ultrasound was the best though, because we were in the clear and BS had a healthy heartbeat.  Thank the good Lord.

Most Challenging Moment…

The feeling of having to wait a week in hopes that BS’s little heartbeat increased from the week before, after taking progesterone suppositories.  That was hard.  Symptom wise?  Well, I would say the constipation.  I hate it.  Also, my energy.  I may have more energy than the first trimester (now that I’m in the second trimester), but I’m still tired.

One Thing I’m Proud Of…

My husband.  He’s going to be the best father in the world.  And I really truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.  He shows his love in so many MORE ways since I’ve been pregnant.  And I honestly didn’t think that was possible for him (to be MORE loving) since I feel like he’s the most honest, patient, kind, loving, compassionate, romantic man I’ve ever, ever had the blessing of meeting.  Oh…and I’m quite proud of myself, (if I may add), that I found a job after looking for just a week!

One Thing I Wish Were Different…

My acne.  My skin is awful.  I didn’t want to leave the house from week 6-10…and I didn’t either.  Which led me off my exercise routine.  And kept me harbored inside, which is not good for the soul.

Favorite Food…

Scrambled eggs.  I’m only saying that because every week I wanted something different (chips and dip, cheese, pickles, etc.), but eggs were something that remained the same throughout.  Bobby makes the best eggs on the planet.  I have never made them once.  He made them for me whenever I wanted them.  Bless his heart.  Did I mention how lucky I was?

Least Favorite Food…

Veggies in the beginning weeks (bummer!), then processed foods and sweets.  Chocolate and coffee were bothersome quite a few weeks in a row as well.

My Physical State Included…

Painful breasts, nausea that would come and go, peeing A LOT!  Not much sleep, sweating a LOT at night to the point I woke up in puddles of sweat.  Yuck!  Zero energy at first but it slowly came back to a reasonable amount.  I’m constantly constipated.  Worst symptom ever.  Biggest pain in the you-know-what symptom:  Constipation!

Symptoms I [Thankfully] Didn’t Have…

Continuous vomiting.  I was lucky I only got sick once…and it was the first week of my second trimester, so I’m not sure if that even applies here.

One Thing That Surprised Me…

How my body was exact in the “things to expect” from “What to Expect” emails.  Every single week they talked about a topic of what to expect your body to be doing/changing and a day prior (without fail)  I would mention that symptom to Bobby.  It was ironic.  Pretty neat how they have the science of pregnancy down to a tee.

Looking Forward To…

Feeling kicks and movements regularly, finding out the sex, buying baby stuff, a bigger bump and Christmas-time.

7 Weeks Pregnant

7 Weeks

This should have been done on Tuesday (September 3, 2013), but I wanted to wait until after the ultrasound.  And according to my doctor the measurements of BS are 6 weeks, 6 days today, but she is still staying with the April 22, 2014 due date.

How far along: 7 weeks.

How big is baby: A quarter of an inch.  The size of a blueberry.  BS looks like a little gummy bear.

Total weight gain: There is a 2lb. weight gain and loss on a daily basis.  I know its water weight so it’s really no gain yet.

Maternity Clothes: No way.

Sleep: I’m very tired this week.  I have about one hour of energy a day.  I sleep about 10 hours a night and nap about twice a day.  I’ve been getting up to pee in the middle of the night a lot more than usual. Say about 15 times the other night. Rough!

Best moment of the week: Being done unpacking.  What a relief! And going to the first ultrasound, although, the news wasn’t THAT great, I still got to see BS and the heartbeat.

Food Cravings: A little bit hungrier this week.  Craving grilled cheeses.

Food Aversions: It was sweets for about a week but I made cookies last night and ate two with vanilla ice cream and caramel…it was amazing.  But that’s rare for me to eat like that so I think it was just a craving.  Anything coffee…keep it away!

Symptoms:  The same: bad skin.  I splurged on some pretty pricey face wash that is safe for pregnant women but I’m on the test run now. If it works, I’ll share what it is by maybe posting a blog about it.  Persistent painful enlarging (as we speak) breasts.  I can’t fit into my bras anymore.  The morning sickness (but not just the morning) kicked in this week. I don’t want to eat anything, I feel hung-over all day long. I finally caved and called the doctor for Zofran.  I picked it up, but have yet to take it.  I’m holding off for as long as I can.  Also, frequent urination (which I already mentioned), thanks to a doubling in the size of my uterus, extra blood volume and increasing hormones.  No mood swings, little to any emotions.  If there are any emotions it is related to my father who doesn’t give two “you know what’s” about me.

Mood:  Calm, relaxed, chill and happy and hopeful.  Praying.

Movement: Nada.  Baby Sock’s head is getting bigger and brain cells are at a rapid development at just one hundred new cells each minute (crazy, huh?  No wonder I’m so exhausted!). The permanent set of kidneys develop this week (this is the third).  Limbs are developing from the buds last week.  The mouth, tongue and teeth buds are forming this week.  The umbilical cord forms by the end of this week! BS is 10,000 times bigger now than he/she was at conception a month ago.

What I’m looking forward to:  The repeat ultrasound to hope for a higher heart rate.

What I miss: My full energy (I only last about two hours in the morning before I need a nap), my dire need to clean everything and my daily gym routine.  But, I’d give it all up a million times over for this lil one.

So many positive changes…

“When you do take the home pregnancy test, it doesn’t quite seem real. But when you see the baby and the heartbeat on the ultrasound, it’s so incredible.”-Danica McKellar

It has been 18 days since we found out that we were growing a little human and it has been amazing watching our lives change in such a small amount of time.  We finally moved into a house with a two-car garage.  We’ve been moving for about a week now, packing up boxes in the apartment, moving boxes and then unpacking boxes in the house.  It’s been a lot of work let me tell you.  I get easily exhausted and Bobby won’t let me do pretty much anything, bless his heart.  You know me though, my OCD is in full swing, as well as his, and so we make a perfect pair of perfectionists.  In fact, when we came to look at the house the realtor said, “Robert, this house is very clean.”  Bobby and I looked at each other both laughing inside and he said, “Yeah, we’ll clean it anyway.” Needless to say, we’ve taken about 5 out of the 7 days just scrubbing the place to our liking.  We’ve decided not to make the second bedroom into the nursery.  It just doesn’t make sense because I won’t have BS until middle of April and our lease will be up at the house in just a few months afterwards (yes, we are leasing again).  We plan to buy a house next year.  I will post pictures of the house soon, bare with me.  Our lives are scattered between two places right now and there is crap everywhere.  I’d be embarrassed to show you before I made this house a home.  Exciting news is that we bought a new couch.  No more leather sofa guys!  I’m beyond thrilled you have no idea.  This couch is amazing.  It’s a sectional and it is big!  Bobby and I love two things:  cooking and watching our shows/movies together.  And there is nothing better than cuddling up on the couch together (a big new couch, in fact) and enjoying every second.  We’re not much for going out these days.

More great news is that I passed my nursing boards (NCLEX).  I’m officially a registered nurse with the state of Texas.  Stacy Sock, BSN-RN.  I feel so proud of how far I’ve come.  Now…only to find a job, eek.

So back to the fun stuff…

When I first took the home test, I thought that going to an urgent care would give me the actual confirmation of pregnancy by doing some blood work.  But it turns out that home tests are so accurate now that they rarely do a pregnancy confirmation blood test anymore.  I felt like it would make it feel “official” if we had the doctor’s confirmation, but it looks like we just have to believe it until our first ultrasound appointment September 5.  Not that I’m not convinced…I am.  I just can’t wait to see our little miracle and watch it’s little heart beat like crazy.

I have been lucky in the sense that I don’t “feel” pregnant yet.  Mostly I’m just a little more sore in the breast area and more tired than usual, but no sickness yet.  I have started to feel bouts of nausea here and there.  But nothing that makes me run for the toilet bowl, thank goodness.  I have zero appetite and never feel like eating.  Which is totally unexpected since I’m always munching on something.  As a first time mom, I get nervous from time to time and think that since I don’t have morning sickness that I’m really not pregnant.  Of course I realize that this is just silly, and people tell me to stop worrying so much, but I’m naturally a worrier (and all my friends and family can vouch for that).  Other pregnancy symptoms I’ve been experiencing are crazy, vivid, outrageous dreams,  ahhhh my skin!  I have goose-bump like acne ALL over my face.  Did I mention it’s all over my face?  I’m pretty annoyed by that.  But what can you do?  BS is totally worth it.  I am also starting to have food aversions to sweets.  Strange, considering sugar was always my weakness before I was pregnant.  I guess that’s a good thing.  I’m still eating my normal diet though: fruits, tons of veggie’s (salads), fish and protein shakes.  I find myself feeling like my brain is in a fog at times.  I’m forgetful.  Good news is that I find myself relaxed most of the time too.  So much so that it feels as though I’ve popped a Xanax or something.  It’s so strange.  I’d rather it stay this way though…I hope I don’t turn into an emotional mess or an angry monster.  I’m not much of a crier anyway, but we’ll see.  The journey has only just begun and BS and I have got a long way to go.