31 Weeks Pregnant


How far along?  31 weeks.

Size of baby: The size of a head of coconut.

Weight: 139lbs.

Stretch marks: None.

Gender: GIRL!

Nursery: Finally decided that Josie will continue to stay downstairs with the big room and her own bathroom. Juliette will be upstairs in the Hollywood bathroom but in the room that actually has the bathroom connected. So each girl will have their own bathroom. We are still trying to unpack and get organized so decorating their rooms is at the bottom of the list.

Maternity clothes: Nothing new. I wish I could walk around nude here, it’s so damn hot.

Sleep: Awful! I have had the WORST contractions. I was really starting to worry that they were more than BHC. I’m waiting to see my doctor next week and I’m going to ask her to check my cervix.

Best moment the week: Bobby came home AND Josie transitioned to her toddler bed. No fuss, no problems and is sleeping just fine it in (although we’re only on day 3 now). I’m so proud of my little monster. She does just fine (so far).

Food cravings: Mexican food.

Food aversions:  Not much that I can think of.

Symptoms: Awful sleep, constant BHC. I’m so tired all the time. My boobs are starting to get more sensitive. Juliette moves so dang much it’s almost annoying. She is always, always moving. It seriously scares me that she won’t sleep when she makes her way into the world.

Mood: Tired. So tired of being tired.

Movement: Never ending movement!

What I’m looking forward to: Feeling less anxious…

What I miss: Energy!

31 Weeks

10 Weeks Pregnant


How far along?  10 weeks.

Size of baby: The size of a kumquat.

Weight gain: 117 lbs, I think?

Stretch marks: Not yet but I feel huge!

Gender: Still not sure.

Nursery: After week 18 I’ll consider thinking about this.

Maternity clothes: I NEED new clothes.

Sleep: No complaints.

Best moment the week: My mom came to visit and Josie had an absolute blast. She certainly loves her “me me”. We miss her already… Oh yeah, Josie said “sorry” for the first time this week. She said it to my mom after she accidentally ran her foot over with her little shopping cart.

Food cravings: Strawberry ice cream. Fatty foods and nachos. I woke up one morning and made nachos for breakfast at 8am. Don’t judge.

Food aversions:  My stomach doesn’t do well with beef, pork or chicken. I think I’m going to stay away from these until further notice.

Symptoms: Lots of bloating. It’s VERY uncomfortable. Lots of belching and air in my stomach. I finally bought some GasX and that seems to help. Also eating about 4 Tums a day. My chin and neck are breaking out pretty badly. I expected this. I was started on a prescription cream called Finacea. I’ll see in a few weeks if it’s helping. I’m still doing progesterone suppositories every night so hopefully when that ends (Week 14), it will clear a little. My stomach constantly hurts whether I’m hungry or full. I can’t win. We attempted Disney but the walking was just too much for me right now. I think I’ll take my doctors order and “take it easy”.

Mood: Calm. Relaxed and grateful I had a few days with my mom.

Movement: Gas, bloating and still no luck with the doppler.

What I’m looking forward to: Bobby coming back home and it to stay warm out.

What I miss: Bobby and my family…

10 Weeks

11 Months Old


I haven’t had much time lately to put into this blog post so I just need to post it or it won’t get done at all.

Things I never want to forget:

Swaying back and forth to music. You love music. Especially when I sing the ABCs.

You’ve learned how to push the toy closed after it pops up. And entertain yourself by doing it over and over again.

You’re biting mommy.

When I pucker up my lips, you put your forehead down so I can kiss it.

12 month size is getting tight.

You know how to cry to get momma to pick you up in the crib

You hum to the ABC song and other music.

No overnight diaper blowouts since we bought Huggies overnight diapers to put on you at night.

You love drinking from a sippy cup with a straw.

Eat ate half container of baby food, but threw up. We’ve got allergy testing on March 25th. Fingers crossed for some answers.

Oh baby girl. I’ve been so busy planning for your first birthday and starting work again that my time to focus on this blog post has been pretty crappy. But decorating and making crafts and photo props for your first birthday is so much more fun right now. I can’t bear the thought that you’re almost ONE! Where did the time go? I miss my little froggie. I can’t hold back the tears as I write this. Or pretty much everyday for the past week when I think about it. I love watching you grow but I just want to freeze these moments just a little bit longer. Mommy loves you to the moon and back.


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